Graduate School

The MASTS Graduate School is a pan-Scotland initiative which provides education and training to the MASTS student community. This training includes both technical and core skills to ensure that MASTS graduate students have the full complement of skills required to achieve the best in their future careers.

The MASTS Graduate School is led by the MASTS Directorate and supported by the Graduate School Steering Group (GSSG).

The GSSG works together on the development of the Graduate School and its operation. The functions that the GSSG fulfil include:

  • Provision of a Graduate School Retreat - contact Emma Defew for details.
  • Development of the graduate internship programme - contact Emma Defew or Iain Matthews for details.
  • Coordination of MASTS-wide expert seminars - contact Karen Diele for details.
  • Coordination of specific training and workshops and organisation of core scientific skills development programmes - contact Emma Defew for details.
  • Sector best practice: MASTS graduate school interface
  • Overseas connections: co-ordination of links with overseas institutions and training of postgraduate students - contact Hamish Mair for details.
  • Coordination of Making the Most of Masters projects. Contact Emma Defew for details.
  • Links with the United Nations University - contact Liz Cook for details
  • Development of MASTS studentship funding bids - contact David Paterson for further details.
Download the GSSG Terms of Reference