MASTS Intertidal Touch Tank

The intertidal touch tank is a state of the art seawater re-circulation system purpose built for public outreach, constructed for MASTS by Marine Ecological Habitats, Maine USA.

The unit is constructed of 19mm aquarium grade acrylic and comprises a 190 litre display tank with a re-circulation system housed in the base unit. The system consists of a low volume sump with carbon and trickle filters, a protein skimmer, UV steriliser, thermostatically controlled chiller unit and pump.

The touch tank is mounted on four, heavy duty casters for ease of movement, however, due to the unit’s weight certain precautions must be taken when moving and during transport.

  • Weight (approx.) – empty 170 kg; full 400 kg
  • Volume – 190 litres
  • Length – 137 cm
  • Width – 66 cm
  • Height – 92 cm

Right: Touch Tank deployed at the Kelvingrove museum and gallery during the 2014 Glasgow Science Festival.


The Intertidal Touch Tank is available to the MASTS community for use in public outreach. If you would like to utilise the touch tank for an event please email the Directorate with details giving at least 5 weeks notice.  

Please note: due to the tanks size, weight and susceptibility to damage, it has specific requirements with regard to transportation and set-up. A Luton van equipped with a tail lift is a mandatory requirement for transportation. Also no attempt should be made to move the unit while water remains in the display tank and/or sump.

Full instructions for the safe transportation, setup and breakdown of the tank can be downloaded here.

Touch Tank Sponsors

The organisations below all contributed funds towards the purchase of the MASTS Intertidal Touch Tank;