The Role of the Ocean: Driving the Transition to a Resilient and Inclusive Future

Scottish Universities Insight Institute-funded programme looking into developing an integrated understanding of the role of the ocean, its resources and socio-economic benefits, informing decision-making that addresses the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at multiple governance levels.

Scotland is a global leader in ambitious policy for societal change and implementation of the SDGs, notably through the National Performance Framework (NPF), the ‘Just Transition’ and the ‘Wellbeing Economy’. 

This programme will facilitate interaction between diverse policy and science stakeholders for these policy agendas in Scotland and running throughout 2021. 

The work is being led by:

This team and a broad collection of Scottish ocean policymakers and researchers are focussing on the themes of Climate Change and Seafood will lead to the identification of connections to a wide range of SDGs and policy areas, including energy, production and consumption, natural capital, resource use and the circular economy, supply chain transparency, employment and nutritional health.

In January 2021 the programme held two workshops, "Ocean Policy synergies - Day 1 Climate" and "Ocean Policy synergies -  Day 2 Seafood". The workshops included talks from Professor Martin Visbeck (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research) and Dr Jake Rice ( Chief Scientist Emeritus, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Seafood and Society). 

Workshop 1 had focused on understanding the ocean climate nexus and discussions on what action should be undertaken to promote coherence in Scotland.

Workshop 2 looked at Seafood and Sustainable Development Goals, and how to improve policy coherence, to promote synergies and manage trade-offs in sustainable seafood production and consumption.

For more information about the team and its aims please head to the programme's SUII page

Reports from this work will be published here and on the SUII page in late 2021.