Productive Seas

The Theme of Productive Seas is a key area for MASTS activity with major scientific challenges encompassing the balance of exploitation against the resilience and capacity of natural systems to supply resources against a backdrop of increasing demand and climate change.

The main aim of this theme is to: Use our world leading science to improve the sustainable productivity of our marine environment.

Both energy and food security will be fundamental drivers for marine science. Scotland is in many ways at the forefront of marine energy production through established and emerging fossil fuel extraction and marine renewables development in particular. Aquaculture is pivotal to the rural economy of some areas within Scotland and is likely to expand into the production of other non-food products and services through biofuels, marine biotechnology and genomics.

Scotland's capture fishery remains one of the largest in Europe and its long term survival will hinge upon the development of sustainable fisheries management founded on good science. As well as delivering strategic science, the Forums within this Theme will also need to be actively engaged with policy, regulation and industry to address both immediate and longer term challenges.

This theme is looking for a new leader. Contact us if you are interested in taking on this role. We are looking for someone to act as an honest broker in the role of MRT leader for the Productive Seas Theme.

Theme leader: Could this be you??

Deputy Leader: TBC

Steering Group: Dr Paul Fernandes (MASTS Fisheries Science Forum Convenor, University of Aberdeen); Drs Elizabeth Masden & Raeanne Miller (MASTS Marine Renewable Energy Forum Convenors, UHI); Dr Andrew Davie (MASTS Sustainable Aquaculture Forum Convenor, Stirling); Dr Tim Stojanovic & Rachel Schucksmith (MASTS Marine Planning Forum Convenors, USTAN & UHI); Drs Sally Rouse & Tom Wilding (MASTS Oil & Gas Forum Convenors, SAMS); Dr Cornelius Chikwama (Marine Scotland)


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