Dynamics and Properties of Marine Systems

This Theme embraces the fundamental physical attributes and dynamics of marine systems including marine physics, chemistry, sedimentology, geomorphology and oceanography.

The description of the marine system includes the analysis of past condition, spatial mapping of present conditions, and the impacts of future change on the dynamics and properties of the system. Important aspects of climate change such as predicting sea-level rise, modelling ocean atmospheric exchange and sea ice extent, fall within this theme. Technological developments that allow improved interpretation of marine systems are integral to this Theme.

MASTS also has links with the SAGES research pool which has shared interests in the dynamics and properties of marine systems.

The preeminant scientific challenge of the 21st Century is to understand and quantify Earth's current and future climate. How will climate variablity impact the oceans's sustainable resources and what are the human impacts of such change? Observing, modelling and quantifying marine systems is key to understanding their response to increasing carbon dioxide. Oceans’ determine the rate, extent and character of climate by their long-term storage and transport of heat and carbon and dominance of the global fresh-water cycle. A critical challenge is to integrate our understanding of ocean systems on different timescales and across disciplines and to propose testable hypothesis of how these systems interact. New technology, particularly the development of observing platforms and novel sensors will likely provide sustained observations of physical, chemical, biological and geological properties, and so play a critical role in this challenge for the 21st century.

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Theme leader: Dr Bee Berx (Physical Oceanographer, Marine Scotland Science)

Deputy Leader: TBC

Steering Group: Dr David McKee (MASTS Lecturer, University of Strathclyde); Dr Seb Hennige (Heriot Watt University); Dr Ted Schlicke (SEPA); Dr Alejandro Gallego (Marine Science Scotland, Oceanography Group Leader); Dr Lars Boehme (Forum Convenor for Technology, Platforms & Sensors); Dr Nick Kamenos (Forum Convenor for Marine Biogeochemistry); Dr David Woolf (Numerical Hydrodynamic Modelling Forum Convenor); Dr Marie Porter (SAMS)

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