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Marine science is largely underpinned by technology which is driven and sculpted by mutual interactions between scientists and engineers. We currently live in an era where technology is available to access, explore and sample the marine environment in its entirety.

Paradoxically these capabilities have arisen at a time, where in the midst of a changing climate, funding in which to provide the pertinent high-resolution and high-replication of measurements and samples is becoming ever more challenging. Therefore, the current emphasis is not on technological capability but rather technological innovation in which to overcome these challenges. Through this new forum, the MASTS community has the potential to exploit a wealth of expertise in marine technology innovation though cohesion of its well established and internationally renowned groups, which in turn will ensure a healthy and pro-active future for MASTS.

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This forum will actively engage the engineers and technologists embedded within MASTS, and will aspire to forge a multi-institute coherence with a regular transfer of knowledge exchange, evaluation of current expertise and capabilities, and horizon scanning. The forum will facilitate networking and information exchange by convening meetings and workshops to establish a coordinated approach to proactive engagement within MASTS. The forum will engage in both the support and enhancement of marine science in Scotland, as well as collaborative technology-based pursuits. It will also secure appropriate scientific representation on strategically important bodies, and engage with other research themes, forums, and key stakeholders to ensure useful feedback and contribution to the MASTS community. The overarching philosophy of MASTS is to ensure a healthy and pro-active engagement between scientists and technologist.

Forum Convenor: Dr Lars Boehme

Deputy Forum Convenor: TBC

Steering Group: Bernie McConnell (St Andrews University); Estelle Dumont (SAMS); David McKee (Strathclyde University); Oliver Peppe (BGS)

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