Fisheries Science Forum

The MASTS Fisheries Science Forum aims to be a collective world class fisheries science facility which provides research and advice relevant to sustainable fisheries management.

The forum will work under the MASTS ‘Productive Seas’ Theme to improve our understanding of marine [fish and shellfish] systems, and the human [fisheries] influence on them, by undertaking research into the ecology, economics, sociology, and governance of commercially exploited marine fish and fisheries. This is important not only for the long term economic future of an important global industry, but for the well-being of rural communities, and the food security and good health of the general public.

the forum will complement and supplement work carried out by national agencies such as Marine Scotland, but focus on medium to long-term strategic research, although members may provide short-term objective scientific advice on fisheries matters, as well as expert opinion & comment. The Forum will use and develop innovative technology and tools in support of these goals, drawing on the broader range of expertise available in the Scottish HEI community and the Scottish fishing industry. Finally, the forum will help to develop a new generation of fisheries scientists, providing a vibrant research atmosphere and training opportunities for young scientists.

This forum will be led by Dr Paul Fernandes. Dr Fernandes has almost 25 years experience in applied research on fish and fisheries. Dr Fernandes research focuses on the effective and sustainable management of commercial fishery resources, and on advanced marine survey technologies.

This Forum works closely with Fisheries Innovation Scotland. Find out more here. Download "A review of Scotland's marine fisheries: stock status, knowledge gaps, research requirements and stakeholder engagement" here.

This Forum hosted a special session at the 2019 ASM on "The future of Scottish fisheries in a changing world". If you were not lucky enough to attend in person, why not catch up by reading the article that has been recently published in Fishing News.

Forum Convenor: Dr Paul Fernandes

Deputy Forum Convenor: Dr Dougie Speirs

Steering Group: Tara Marshall (Aberdeen University); Coby Needle (Marine Scotland Science); Michel Kaiser (Heriot Watt); Clive Fox (UHI-SAMS); Robin Cook (University of Strathclyde); Karen Diele (Edinburgh Napier University); Mike Heath (University of Strathclyde); Chevonne Angus/Beth Mouat (NAFC Marine Centre); Kenny Coull (SWFPA); Arina Moltova (Seafish); and Mark James (St Andrews University)


Recent activity: A workshop to address the issues surronding a discarding ban in the Scottish Nephrops fisheries

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