Biogeochemistry Forum

The Marine Biogeochemistry Forum (MBF) presents a unique opportunity to ensure marine biogeochemists play a key role in shaping the future Scottish marine environment. Scottish marine biogeochemists are respected world-wide, but a consolidated Scottish biogeochemistry community is currently missing.

The MBF will consolidate MASTS biogeochemists and develop a united research strategy, with scientific excellence at its core. This is particularly important since a better understanding of biogeochemical rate processes and their sensitivity is required to better evaluate their response to natural and anthropogenic change in the 21st Century and beyond. Biogeochemistry is also a key component of large national and international funding schemes (e.g. UK Ocean Acidification). Effective biogeochemistry frequently requires the parallel measurement of multiple processes, and the critical mass of scientists within MASTS provides an opportunity to conduct key and high profile research of benefit in Scotland and globally. The MBF will promote biogeochemistry accessibility across MASTS’ Research Themes and Forums, ensuring within-MASTS interaction and impact, and facilitating common goals. Integration and communication will be achieved using themed workshops, meetings and social media.

Dr Kamenos will lead the forum. Dr Kamenos is an interdisciplinary marine biogeochemist who has held NERC and RSE Personal Research Fellowships. Dr Kamenos' research investigates how the marine environment is changing (e.g. sulphur and carbonate chemistry cycles) and how such changes affect marine resources. Dr Kamenos conducts research in Scotland, as well as in polar, temperate and tropical locales using SCUBA and platform-based campaigns. Dr Kamenos is a member of both MASTS and SAGES, and has plans to promote increased collaborations between the two initiatives. Dr Kamenos is a member of multiple international biogeoscience societies which will provide opportunities for promoting marine biogeochemistry and MASTS in the international arena. Dr Kamenos is an active outreach worker and has strong links with regulatory and policy colleagues in SNH and SEPA.

Forum Convenor: Dr Nick Kamenos

Deputy Forum Convenor: TBC

Steering Group: John Baxter (Independent); Heidi Burdett (Heriot Watt); Seb Hennige (Edinburgh University); Danielle Whitlock (ENU) and Pamela Walsham (MSS)

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