MASTS organises its own workshops and also promotes the interaction of MASTS colleagues with independently organised workshops. Use this page to find out more about workshops and their outputs.

Contact the Directorate if you are interested in running a workshop.

Past workshops
  • Earth Systems Dynamic Modeling
  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Seabirds & Climate Change
  • Scottish Universities Research in Glacial Environments (SURGE) 3rd workshop
  • Emerging Trends in “Bio” Engineering – The role of biofilms in sustainable environmental engineering and science
  • Towards Optics-Based Measurements in Ocean Observatories
  • Patterns and processes of intraspecific divergence and their relevance to aquatic biological diversity
  • Deep Sea Forum open meeting
  • The Mingulay Reef Complex: a case study for DPMS Theme
  • Loch Linnhe and Lynn of Lorn case study for DPMS
  • Community Project workshop on Aquatic Food Security
  • Clyde workshop
  • Celebrating Scotland's Sharks
  • A workshop to address the issues surrounding a discarding ban in the Scottish Nephrops fisheries
  • MSCC/MASTS Ecosystem Modelling workshop
  • Shellfish restoration and aquaculture - colocation with marine renewables developments
  • Marine Spatial Planning Community Project workshop
  • MASTS DPMS Shetland case study workshop
  • MASTS MBF-CZF workshop “Source to Sink: Long-term management practices and the transfer of carbon between terrestrial and marine pools”
  • Marine biogeochemical impacts of climate change in Scottish waters & NE Atlantic