MASTS Member REF Impact Case Studies (2014)

MASTS member institutions submitted 38 marine science themed impact case studies under the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF). These studies, are collated in the table below, PDFs can be downloaded using the embedded links.

  MASTS Member 2014 Case Study Title
1 Edinburgh Napier University Defining and sustaining healthy seas
2 Edinburgh Napier University New Paths to Mangrove Conservation
3 Edinburgh Research Partnership in Engineering – ERPE (Heriot-Watt /Edinburgh) Test Protocols for Tidal Current Energy Converters
4 Edinburgh Research Partnership in Engineering – ERPE (Heriot-Watt /Edinburgh) Advanced Wavemaker Designs
5 Heriot-Watt University Commercialised fish vaccines essential to sustaining fish health in European aquaculture
6 Heriot-Watt University - International Centre for Island Technology (ICIT)  Development of Marine Energy: Testing, planning and wider economic impacts in Orkney
7 Heriot-Watt University Sustainable marine management implementation
8 University of Aberdeen Changing the way nations manage the impacts of human disturbances to protect the conservation status of wild animals
9 University of Aberdeen Aberdeen research underpins guidelines for assessing and lessening impacts of offshore energy developments on protected marine mammal populations
10 University of Aberdeen Stratigraphic techniques to develop untapped oil & gas reserves
11 University of Aberdeen Stability of ice sheets
12 University of Aberdeen Turbidites: Deep-water hydrocarbon reservoir prediction
13 University of Dundee Bridging the gap between policy and regulation: new assessment tools for implementing the EU Water Framework Directive
14 University of Dundee Underwater 3D Visualisation
17 University of Glasgow Revision to codes of practice in commercial langoustine industry – improving yields, quality and sustainability
18 University of Glasgow Introducing a new strategic framework for assessing the impact of marine renewable energy developments on seabirds
19 University of St Andrews Animal-borne telemetry tags for conservation and weather forecasting
20 University of St Andrews Mitigating environmental impacts of naval Sonar
21 University of St Andrews Enabling Industry compliance with offshore regulation
22 University of St Andrews Marine Mammal Conservation: from policy to bycatch reduction
23 University of St Andrews New statistical methods result in better marine environmental monitoring and impact assessment
24 University of St Andrews Distance sampling surveys: enabling better decision-making by wildlife managers
25 University of St Andrews A sea-change in geophysical-marine surveying for protecting our Ocean’s future
26 University of Stirling Improved parasite control in the global Atlantic salmon farming industry
27 University of Stirling Management strategies to control salmon puberty: optimised productivity and sustainability of the fish farming sector
28 University of Stirling Improving sustainability of UK salmon farming through replacement of marine fish oil while ensuring nutritional quality is preserved through maintenance of omega-3 levels
29 University of Strathclyde Recovery of cod stocks in the North Sea achieved by a change in EU fisheries policy driven by evidence from mathematical models
30 University of Strathclyde Economic benefits from spin out company, Nautricity Ltd, and adoption of new technology to extract energy from tidal flows.
31 University of Strathclyde Improving maritime safety through the implementation of new international rules and standards.
32 University of Strathclyde Improved efficiency and design practice in European maritime industry
33 University of Strathclyde Guidelines and standards which improve design and safety of marine structures subject to steep wave impact
34 University of Strathclyde Enhancing the Scottish Government’s policy evaluation capacity
35 University of the Highlands and Islands Safeguarding human health and sustainable aquaculture through monitoring programmes developed from research into harmful algal bloom (HABs) dynamics
36 University of the Highlands and Islands DEPOMOD & AutoDEPOMOD: Models changing aquaculture planning practices in Scotland and worldwide
37 University of the Highlands and Islands The CSTT model underpinning the UK defence in European Court of Justice
38 University of the West of Scotland Risk assessment in public health