PhD student in Geomicrobiology - Biogeosciences Laboratory of the University of Bourgogne

Posted: 07 March 2019

Closing: 01 April 2019

Category: Non MASTS

PhD - The role of cyanobacteria in carbonate precipitation UBFC - Universsite de bourgogne Franche- Comte - Dijon France

Thesis description:

The objective of this thesis is characterizing and understanding the role of organic matter (EPS and LMWOC) produced by cyanobacteria during carbonate precipitation. For that, cyanobacterial strains with different morphology, growth rate and quantity and quality of EPS production will be investigated.
We propose using a several strains of cyanobacteria with both coccoid and filamentous morphologies. In order to test various biochemical and geochemical analytical methods, we will start by using two well-studied strains of cyanobacteria, Synechococcus sp. and Synechocystis sp.. In the next phase of the thesis research, other strains of cyanobacteria isolated from the natural environment (i.e., microbial mats and microbialites) will be studied in the context of carbonate precipitation.
Initially, for comparison, the conditions during precipitation experiments will be strictly identical. Any differences between the experiments (kinetic of precipitation, morphology and mineralogy of precipitate, spatial distribution of precipitated crystals) will be strongly related to the quantity and composition of produced EPS, morphology or grows condition of different cyanobacteria strains. Furthermore, properties of EPS and carbonate minerals isolated from the natural environment will be compared with the laboratory observations.


Application deadline: 1 April, 2019

Starting Job:1 September, 2019