ORJIP Ocean Energy Forward Look

Please find the first ORJIP Ocean Energy Forward Look which includes a prioritised list of strategic research projects to address key EIA/HRA issues and sets out the purpose and broad scope of the research projects necessary to meeting ORJIP Ocean Energy’s overall aim. 

The aim of ORJIP Ocean Energy is to ensure that the principal EIA and HRA consenting risks for early array developments in the wave and tidal sectors are addressed be facilitating a strategic, coordinated and prioritised approach to monitoring and research which is endorsed by industry, regulators and Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies. 

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Call for Evidence and to the Steering Group for their additional input which was critical to the development of the Forward Look.  Your input is much appreciated.  Please note that the Forward Look will be updated and re-issued later this year so any information and updates that you may have would be most welcome. 

At this time, ORJIP Ocean Energy would like to actively encourage Network participants to express their interest in any of the high priority strategic research projects identified by contacting the Secretariat using the details below.  Whilst ORJIP Ocean Energy will not directly fund the projects, the Secretariat will strive to support and facilitate interested organisations or consortia in their endeavours to help meet the objectives associated with the high priority strategic research projects outlined in this Forward Look. 

Similarly, should Network participants be planning to pursue any of the other research areas identified in the Forward Look i.e. those identified as ‘medium’ or ‘low’ priorities for the wave and tidal sectors, ORJIP Ocean Energy would welcome any updates and may be able to provide support to organisations/consortia in the planning of research projects and dissemination of results.     


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Project Team using the following contact details:


Ian Hutchison

Secretariat Project Manager, Aquatera


Tel - +44(0) 1856 850 088


Joseph Kidd

Secretariat, MarineSpace


Tel - +44(0) 7788 286 156