First ScotMER Symposium: Marine Renewables and Seabirds

Tuesday 2nd October (0900-1600) at Victoria Quay

Marine Scotland’s ScotMER programme is supporting the Scottish Government’s ambitions for sustainable offshore renewable energy developments in Scotland’s seas. The First ScotMER symposium focuses on Scotland’s seabird species and will showcase recent research and new methods being developed to understand the potential interactions between marine renewables and seabirds.


This one day event will be an opportunity to learn about:

  • The Scottish Marine Energy Research Programme (ScotMER)
  • Collision Risk Modelling
    • Use of LiDAR technology to measure seabird flight heights
    • Stochastic collision risk modelling
    • Thanet research
  • Disturbance and displacement
    • Short term disturbance of waterbirds
    • Displacement on breeding sea birds
    • Diving behaviour of seabirds
  • Non breeding season movements of seabirds
  • Population modelling to estimate consequences from marine renewables