EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF)

The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) has developed into the largest general science meeting in Europe where scientists meet scientists, policy makers, media specialists, business leaders and the wider community. The home of ESOF 2016 is Manchester, UK - the city where Marx met Engels and Rolls met Royce. Similarly ESOF 2016 will be a meeting of minds, bringing together many of the world’s foremost scientific thinkers, innovators and scholars from 22 -27 July 2016.  
2016 is a special year for science in Manchester, coinciding with the 250th anniversary of the birth of John Dalton – the father of atomic theory. ESOF will be the culmination of an 18 month celebration of science in the city. 
At this point, the Programme Committee is seeking session proposals to populate the science programme.  Playing on Manchester’s unique history as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, the overarching theme for the event has been announced as ‘science as revolution’. As such ESOF 2016 will be an opportunity to discuss the socio-cultural and economic implications and impacts of scientific revolutions from regional, national, European and global perspectives.
The call for proposals is now open until 1st June 2015.  Submissions for science-based seminars, workshops and debates on the latest research and policy issues are warmly welcomed. This is an open invitation to individuals and organisations alike and it is hoped that the call will inspire the foremost thinkers and researchers from across the global scientific community to take a unique look to share with us how science and technology has the potential to transform all our lives. 
On behalf of ESOF 2016 and EuroScience we ask that you take a brief moment to bring the call for the science programme to the attention of your members and your network. A link to our website is included here where the call can be viewed in full.