Coastal Futures 2020 Programme Published

January 15th & 16th   Royal Geographical Society

The Programme has been revised with 18 - 3 minute presentations and has been published and can be downloaded from the Coastal Future website. New presentations on Scottish challenges, Offshore mussel and seaweed farming and co-location with offshore wind and MSFD.
The most comprehensive Briefing   Coastal Futures 2020 will once again be the most comprehensive briefing of the year on marine and coastal environmental issues and activities. The programme contains the details of 33 full presentations and 18 - 3 minute presentations. The speakers are well-known leaders in their fields and many have organised major events in their areas of interest.  Some of the major themes to be covered include:

  • The reality of the climate emergency: our developing understanding from the oceanography of the likely impacts including sea level rise
  • How we all respond to the climate emergency is critical both as organisations and individuals - working towards net zero organisations, how we communicate climate change, how we adapt and reduce emissions
  • Coasts on the front line: shoreline management plans and how we organise our efforts - coastal governance and how local authorities respond
  • Offshore wind: can it grow to meet the challenge? What are the limitations?
  • Working with people: our growing understanding from the social science perspective
  • Collaborating on coastal governance, campaigns, plastic pollution and place-based funding
  • Restoration & recovery: biodiversity, fish stocks, ecosystem services and carbon capture - the role of marine protected areas
  • The changing agenda: Is business as usual going to deliver what we need to achieve?
  • Planning for the future in Wales & challenging development in Scotland, prospects for inshore fisheries
  • Developing natural resources: Farming seaweed and mussels, low impact fisheries and no trawl zones.
  • Brexit: Realising opportunities or a massive diversion?  

Booking: Online booking is now open – click here. A word version of the booking form is available on the Coastal Futures website in the Booking section. Note that you can book for both or individual days. 

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The sponsorship packages and operation of sponsorship will be the same as previous years; details are available now. Thanks to those organisations already involved. This is a good time to contact us to get involved in the build up to the event so that we can also promote sponsors with these routine emails. Contact us if you need any more information on the sponsorship packages  

Social media  The Coastal Futures Twitter page @CF Conf  will help to boost networking prior to the event, engage a wider audience and create a conference legacy with lasting outcomes. The hashtag for the conference will be: #CoastalFutures20