Carnegie Trust: new scheme in support of research workshops

The Trust is piloting a new scheme during this academic year in support of research workshops to enable academics to develop new research ideas addressing topics at the forefront of current scientific, technological, environmental, intellectual, cultural or societal developments. We are looking for workshop proposals that focus on topics of key relevance not only to Scotland but also more globally. The main objective is to enable the Scottish academic community to develop and strengthen its international leadership position and foster collaborations with overseas and UK based partners. More information is available here and on our website.

Throughout November and January we will be holding information sessions which may be of interest to potential applicants from the MASTS community. These will take at Andrew Carnegie House in Dunfermline. To register, please go to our website and click on the link to the online registration:


Application method

Interested researchers should first submit an Expression of Interest through the Trust’s online application portal, available from 1st November 2018. There is no set deadline to submit an Expression of Interest but we invite potential applicants to contact the Trust before applying to discuss their workshop idea with the Trust.

Information sessions

Throughout November and January, the Trust will be holding a number of information sessions about the scheme at its office in Dunfermline. Numbers will be limited to 30 participants per session. You can sign up for one for the following dates:

Friday 9th November 2018, 11am-12:15

Thursday 15th November 2018, 2pm-3:15pm

 Friday 16th November 2018, 11am-12:15

Thursday 29th November 2018, 11am-12:15

Wednesday 16th January 2019, 2pm-3:15pm

Friday 18th January 2019, 11am-12:15

Thursday 24th January 2019, 11am-12:15

Thursday 31st January 2019, 2pm-3:15

Find out more about the Research Workshops.