Calling Citizen Scientists: New Light on Climate Change

Would you like to contribute to a citizen science project and help to create a new, globally accessible record of coastal temperature data?

Researchers from the University of St Andrews (Bill Austin and Sarah Knight) and Marine Scotland Science, Aberdeen (Sarah Hughes) recently joined forces with funding support from the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology Scotland - MASTS to unearth "hidden treasures" at the Metrological Office Archives, Exeter. Sarah Knight, a final year Geography honours undergraduate, contributed to the effort of digitally capturing images of over 2,000 separate records during the recent visit. The records, which are all hand-written, now require a further transcription, this time from the original hand-written form to an electronic database format. 

Can you help? We are seeking volunteers to help us type-up the records at an early stage in this research project. If you are interested (you will need access to a computer and MS Excel) or would like to know more, please contactProfessor William Austin or Ms Sarah Knight