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Laura Robinson at the University of Bristol is bringing together scientists and students in a team dedicated to understanding the history of the Earth. Using equipment designed to analyse trace amounts of radioactive and stable elements her team are discovering how and why the ocean changes over time and the impact that  these changes have on the diverse deep-water corals reefs that live on  ocean mountains. 

The Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) collaborating with a group of biologists and geologists (including researchers from University of Aberdeen's Oceanlab) are working aboard R/V Falkor to conduct a new study of one of the deepest places in the world.
The Exploring the Mariana Trench expedition runs from November 9th to December 9th, 2014

UK current PhD opportunities at University of Southampton/NOC

Welcome to the fourth edition of Deep-Sea Life

Video Log from Bear Seamount Cruise Oct 2014

Recorded during a PISCES trawling expedition to Bear Seamount by a grad student from Nova Southeastern University

UK-SEA Aquaculture Report 

PRESS RELEASE - Ministerial Group For Sustainable Aquaculture - Science and Research Strategy