OES-Environmental 2020 State of the Science Report and additional material available on Tethys

As you have engaged with the OES-Environmental initiative in the past through workshops and other events, we are reaching out to let you know that we have recently released the OES-Environmental 2020 State of the Science Report: Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy Development Around the World. You can find the entire report free for download online on Tethys. In addition to the full report, you can also download the 14 individual chapters, an executive summary in English and additional languages, short 2-page summaries of each chapter, and supplementary information.


The increasing development of marine renewable energy (MRE) worldwide has the potential to mitigate the effects of climate change. To assist with consenting processes of MRE projects and allow for responsible deployment of devices, the International Energy Agency’s Ocean Energy Systems (OES)-Environmental initiative evaluates the environmental effects of MRE development. The 2020 State of the Science report is the most comprehensive international analysis on the environmental effects of MRE development to date, and also includes information on environmental monitoring technologies, strategies for accelerating consenting, and knowledge gaps and recommendations. The draft report was released in June and followed by a public comment period. The final report, which was released on October 1st, addressed comments received on the draft report and incorporated the most recent information.