Met Office Hackathon

16 & 17 March

Pre-event 2 March

The Met Office invites you to join us in a virtual hackathon where we aim to build society’s resilience to climate change. We would like you to join us and other key stakeholders in a two-day event on 16-17 March aimed at finding new ways to use data to help us deal with the challenges and exploit the opportunities of our changing climate.

Bringing together people with diverse skillsets and backgrounds, we’re interested in exploring fresh ways to visualise climate data such as UK Climate Projections (UKCP) and how to combine it with other types of data to produce new and innovative tools that help us make society more resilient. Working in teams, the most relevant outputs will have the opportunity to be showcased at CoP26 in Glasgow, which will attract Heads of State, policy makers, scientists and other stakeholders from almost every nation in the world.

In this event we will focus on challenges in 3 key themes:

  1. Marine and Coastal
  2. Nature Based Solutions
  3. Sustainable Development at Home and Abroad


The hackathon will be delivered virtually and make use of a range of tools to share information and encourage collaboration between teams.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 2 March we will be hosting a virtual pre-event where you can find out more about the challenges, form teams and learn about the data that may be relevant.

We are currently asking interested parties to contact us so we can keep you updated. To register your interest in the event and receive further information send an email to with the subject “Met Office Hackathon – Keep Me Informed” and the information below:

  • The name of the organisation you represent
  • Which theme or combination of themes you are most interested in

Registering your interest is not a commitment to attend the event - we will only use your email address to send information relevant to the hackathon and the pre-event – We will send out more information and details on how to register over the next few weeks with registration available from 20th January.