Quick Guide to MASTS PG Cert

Below are some commonly asked questions about the PG Cert. If these do not answer your queries, please get in touch.

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What is the MASTS PG Cert?

A unique new MASTS Postgraduate Certificate in Researcher Professional Development for Marine Science and Technology (MASTS PG Cert) designed to enhance your professional and personal skills, through a bespoke programme of activities chosen by you and contextualised to marine science and technology.  The programme is validated by University of Strathclyde which will award the certificate. 

Who is eligible?

All newly registering MASTS funded students and current members of the MASTS Graduate School. Other PGRs or those working in marine science relevant industries can apply for membership of the MASTS Graduate School and a place on the MASTS PG Cert. Contact Emma Defew for more details. 

Please also see the terms & Conditions applicable to the award available here.

How much does it cost?

For details of current fees for both membership of the MASTS Graduate School and enrolment on the MASTS PG Cert, please visit here.

How do I register?

When you begin your PhD with MASTS, or when you apply to join the MASTS PG Cert (please use the application form here), MASTS will notify Strathclyde University.  You will then receive a welcome email from the Course Coordinator with details of how to enrol.  A guide to enrolment is also available here.  Once enrolled you will have access to a University of Strathclyde Virtual Learning Environment called ‘MyPlace’ which contains all the information you will need to complete the award. 

How do I accrue credits?

You decide on the programme of activities to undertake, relevant to your research, marine science and technology more broadly and your own personal and professional development.  One credit is equivalent to a nominal 10 hours of active learning. 

What activities can be included?

Almost anything that allows you to develop your skills and knowledge can be included e.g. formal training courses, informal learning, conferences, placements, working in other organisations or locations, collaborative activities with colleagues, teaching, public engagement activities, volunteering, etc.  If you are unsure if an activity can be included, please discuss with one of the course team. More info.

Where can I find out about courses, events and activities?

MASTS will e-mail information about events to the MASTS community and all students enrolled on the MASTS PG Cert.  You can also go to the MASTS website here to find information about MASTS organised activities and other events. 

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is based on your reflective evaluation of activities and the credits awarded for each activity or group of activities will depend on you providing evidence of achievement of learning objectives. The Course Coordinator will review your submissions and if you are successful, credit accumulation is recorded in your personal record, accessed via ‘MyPlace’.

How many credits do I need and how long will it take?

You must successfully accrue 60 credits over approximately three years, aiming for around 20 credits per year.

How do I record my progress?

All information about how to complete and submit assessments and record your progress is included in ‘MyPlace’. 

Who can help?

The following people will be pleased to assist with any questions you have:

o    Course Coordinator, Dr Campbell Reid or T: 0141 548 4323

o    Dean of the MASTS Graduate School, Dr Lois Calder

o    Deputy Dean of the MASTS Graduate School, Dr Emma Defew

How much does it cost?

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