2016 Vidcasts

To view vidcast interviews from the 2016 ASM click on the images below.

The MASTS Annual Science Meeting attracted more than 300 delegates who, over 3 days could attend 130 presentations and workshops covering a whole range of marine science topics from migrating plankton to decommissioning oil rigs. Above all it provided an excellent opportunity to meet with colleagues from across the country to share knowledge and experience and form new partnerships. Professor David Paterson the MASTS Executive Director talks about MASTS, how it all works and the success of the Annual Science Meetings.


Marine Science, Scotland, MASTS, and the Future

MASTS Operations Director Dr Mark James speaks to science communicator Kelvin Boot about the strengths, challenges and future of Scotland’s marine environment and the part that MASTS will play.



ATLAS Project

Professor Murray Roberts of the University of Edinburgh discusses the Atlas Project that involves a trans-Atlantic assessment and deep-water ecosystem-based spatial management plan for Europe.




4th SUT/MASTS Decommissioning and Wreck Removal Workshop

Karen Seath, General Manager of Decom North Sea talks to Kelvin about the 4th joint Society for Underwater Technology and MASTS Decommissioning and Wreck removal workshop and how these are important in bringing key players from industry and science together.



Arctic Zooplankton Migration

Zooplankton migrate to surface waters nightly to feed and descend to deeper water during the day for safety. But what happens in the Arctic during the long polar winter when there is no day, or the summer when there is no night? Dr Laura Hobbs a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Strathclyde has been finding out.



Microplastics and Scapa Flow

There has been considerable publicity recently on the impact of plastics on the marine environment. Dr Mark Hartl of Heriot Watt University has been investigating the presence of plastic pollution in Scottish waters.