2018 Vidcasts

To view vidcast interviews from the 2018 ASM click on the images below.


Professor Murray Roberts from Edinburgh University, has witnessed how traditional barriers have been broken down, so that academia and industry can enjoy a close, mutually beneficial working relationship under the area of decommissioning - he spoke to Kelvin Boot.




Noise pollution from deterrent devices

Alan Audsley spoke with Charlotte Findlay (SAMS) who has been mapping and modelling underwater noise pollution from acoustic deterrent devices.





The Marine Management Organisation

Melinda Choua recorded an interview with Adam Cook, Head of Evidence for the Marine Management Organisation (MMO)





European Oysters

Soizic Garnier spoke with MASTS Grad Student, Ana Rodrigues, about the extinctiuon of European Oysters and how her work with larvae behaviour is helping with their restoration.




Northern Lighthouse Board

Texa Sim spoke with Mike Spain from the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB). The NLB are keen to work with MASTS scientists and assist with at-sea sampling.





Students from MEOPAR visit the ASM

Krista Cawley & Martin Laroche are students of MEOPAR, which is an organisation in Canada similar to MASTS.





Light absorption

Allan Audsley spoke to MASTS Grad School alumnus, Ina Lefering (now a post-doc at Strathclyde) about a new technique for measuring light absorption over larger scales.






Melinda Choua recorded an interview with Lonneke Goddijn-Murphy (UHI) about her work in detecting microplastics by using remote sensing.





Deep-sea sponges

Spoizic Garnier spoke with MASTS Grad School alumnus, Georgios Kazanidis (now a post-doc at Edinburgh University) about his work studying the distribution of deep-sea sponges in relation to environmental variablity in the deep North Atlantic.




Guillemots & tidal turbines

Texa Sim interviewed MASTS Grad School student, Daniel Johnstone (UHI) about his research on foraging behaviour of black guillemots in relation to tidal stream turbines.





NorthSEE project

Allan Audsley spoke with Kirsty Wright from Marine Scotland about the NorthSEE project which is concerned with transnational maritime spatial planning and cross-border energy exchange.




Sampling microplastics

Texa Sim talks to Lola Paradinas (SAMS) about her work sampling microplastics along the Scottish Coastline.






Benjamin Williamson (UHI & Aberdeen) talks about using UAVs to measure animal distributions and hydrodynamic features at the MeyGen tidal energy Site.






Christine Maggs talks about the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and what it does.




A decade of opportunity

Prof Colin Moffat, Scottish Government's Chief Scientific Advisor Marine talks about a decade of opportunity for marine science - time to be transformational.





The joint MASTS/SUT Decommissioning and Wreck Removal workshop

Now in its 6th year, the Decom workshop brings together a wide variety of stakeholders. Kelvin Boot talks to Karen Seath, one of the workshop organisers.



Blue Sharks

Lucy Mead from Edinburgh University talks about Blue sharks in the North Atlantic.






Eben Wilson talks about the Skyhopper and its uses and applications.





EMFs and crustaceans

Edward Bolger interviews Kevin Scott from St Abbs Marine Station about understanding the effects of electromagnetic fields on commercially important crustaceans.





Parasites of deep-sea invertebrates

Edward Bolger interviews Sonja Rueckert from Edinburgh Napier University about gregarine apicomplexan parasites of deep-sea invertebrates.




Drill-cuttings piles

Lloyd Potts from Aberdeen University spoke with Kelvin Boot about his study of drill-cuttings piles to understand how any contaminants may degrade naturally through microbial action.