Wed 31st Oct

09.15-09.30     Opening and welcome by Prof David Paterson (MASTS Executive Director) in Main Auditorium.

09.30-10.00     Invited speaker: Prof Christine Maggs, Chief Scientist at JNCC. “Innovation for Conservation

10.00-10.30     MASTS General Science Session 1 the Main Auditorium. Download abstracts for Science Session 1.

  • David Bailey (Glasgow) Sustainable use of marine resources: what does this mean?
  • Adam Cook (MMO) Science for marine management: Evidence and the Marine Management Organisation


10.30-11.15     Coffee break, networking and E-poster session 1 (Download abstracts for e-poster session 1)

  • Solene Giraudeau-Potel (SAMS): Microplastics in Scottish coastal waters – A quantitative analysis
  • Mike Spain (NLB): Northern Lighthouse Board support capabilities for Marine Science in Scotland
  • Daniella Hodgson(RHUL): Ingestion and fragmentation of plastic carrier-bags by the amphipod Orchestia gammarellus: are there fitness impacts?
  • Fiona Manson (SNH): View from the bridge: Citizen science going places aboard Scottish ferries
  • Marie Russell 1 (Marine Scotland) : Descriptive Statistics for Marine Litter around Scotland
  • Heather Runnacles Goodridge (SOTEAG): The day to day life of a SOTEAG seabird monitor and engaging new audiences
  • Katherine Jones (Heriot Watt): Microplastic accumulation in a Zostera marina bed in Deerness Sound, Orkney: a pilot study
  • Mira Latva (Warwick): Isolation of Plastisphere phototrophs and a look at the early stage plastic colonisation in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Zoe Lawrence (Heriot Watt) : Spatial Variation of Microplastics in Mussel beds and a Preliminary look at Depuration times
  • Nik Robinson (EOSCA) : Review of microplastics used and discharged in the oil and gas exploration and production industry in 2016
  • Marie Russell 2 (Marine Scotland) Monitoring of Microplastics in Scotlands’ Seas
  • Morgan Hartley (St Andrews): Impact of infaunal bioturbators on epipelic diatom biofilm communities in estuarine sediments
  • Helen Smith (Marine Scotland): Identifying discrete nutrient events within long-term hydrological records in Scottish coastal waters
  • Tony Gutierrez (Heriot Watt): Behaviour and Fate of Nano-plastics in the Marine Environment
  • Sarah Reed (SAMS) Microplastics in marine sediments near Rothera Research Station, Antarctica
  • Jennifer Cocking (SAMS) Aerial detection of plastic pollution in the marine environment using a novel, hyperspectral infrared camera on a UAV
  • Jason McNeill (UWS): The trophic transfer of microplastics in freshwater invertebrates


11.15-13.15     MASTS General Science Session 2 in the Main Auditorium and a Special Session on “Marine Microplastics & Marine Litter” in Auditorium A


11.15-13.15     MASTS General Science Session 2 in Main Auditorium (Chair: Dr Beth Scott). Download abstracts for Science Session 2.

  • Benjamin Williamson (UHI) Multi-platform studies of the MeyGen tidal energy site – using UAVs to measure animal distributions and hydrodynamic features
  • Kevin Scott (St Abbs Marine Station) Understanding the effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions from offshore windfarms on commercially important crustaceans
  • Roland Proud (St Andrews) Using active-acoustic data in ecosystem model assessment
  • Charlotte Findlay (SAMS) Mapping and modelling widespread underwater noise pollution from acoustic deterrent devices
  • Camille Le Guen (St Andrews) Deep Scattering Layers, the feeding ground of Antarctic deep-diving predators
  • Daniel Johnstone (UHI) Individual foraging niches of black guillemots in relation to tidal stream turbines
  • Ross Culloch (Marine Scotland) Broad-Scale Acoustic Monitoring For Cetaceans And Underwater Noise In Relation To Offshore Wind Farm Construction In Scotland
  • Andrew Want (Heriot Watt) BioFREE: an international study of biofouling impacts on the marine renewable energy industry


11.15-13.15     MASTS Special Session on “Marine Microplastics & Marine Litter” in Auditorium A (Chair: Winnie Courtene-Jones). Download abstract for this session.

  • Angela Capper (Heriot Watt) Microplastic Monitoring in the Orkney Islands, Scotland
  • Lola Paradinas (SAMS) Distribution of microplastics along the Scottish coastline using standardized sampling and extraction methods
  • Lonneke Goddijn-Murphy (UHI) Spectral remote sensing of marine plastic litter
  • Sophie Green (Scrapbook) Scottish Coastal Rubbish Aerial Photography (SCRAPbook): settling baselines for monitoring coastal rubbish
  • Alexandra McGoran (RHUL) Ingestion of plastic by fish: a comparison of Thames Estuary and Firth of Clyde populations
  • Sarah Nelms (Exeter) Microplastics in marine mammals
  • Mark Shields (BEIS) Plastic substances contained in offshore chemicals used and discharged during offshore oil and gas operations
  • Bill Turrell (Marine Scotland) Litter Dynamics on a Mid-Latitude, Macro-Tidal Beach


13.15-14.00     Lunch and networking

13.20-14.00     Induction session from Dr Lois Calder (Dean of the MASTS Graduate School) on the Postgraduate Certificate in Postgraduate Certificate in Researcher Professional Development for Marine Science and Technology (MASTS PG Cert) in Main Auditorium (Auditoria B/C)


14.00-16.00     MASTS General Science Session 3 in the Main Auditorium and a Special Session on “Multiple Stressors” in Auditorium A


14.00-16.00     MASTS General Science Session 3 in Main Auditorium (Chair: Dr Douglas Speirs). Download abstracts for Science Session 3.

  • James Thorburn (St Andrews) Investigations into the Seasonal movements of a UK Shark species
  • Emma Dolmaire (Strathclyde) Modelling Blue whiting adults migrations influenced by their biophysical environment
  • Julia Wouters (Aberdeen) Towards a more sustainable fishery management – could Remote Electronic Monitoring be the key?
  • Matthew Pace (Glasgow) Variation in sediment nutrient content and benthic community traits across gradients of natural and fishing disturbance
  • Lucy Mead (Edinburgh) Spatio-temporal distribution of blue sharks (Prionace glauca) in the North Atlantic Ocean: an analysis of population structure, habitat preference and fishing pressure vulnerability
  • Rannva Danielson (Iceland) Fisheries policy in the Faroe Islands: Managing for failure?
  • Claire Hill (SAMS) Investigating impacts of the EU CFP landing obligation on the fishers of Shetland
  • Agnes Olin (Strathclyde) Using a sandeel growth model to investigate climate-driven bottom-up effects on sandeels and seabirds


14.00-16.00     MASTS Special Session on “Multiple Stressors” in Auditorium A (Chairs: Dr Mark Hartl & Dr Karen Diele). Download abstracts for Multiple Stressors session.

  • Alice Tagliati (Heriot Watt) The use of sunscreens in a changing world: combined impacts of nano-enabled sunscreens and thermal stress on coral reef systems
  • Kimberley Bennett (Abertay) Impacts of natural and anthropogenic stressors on fat tissue function in marine mammals: effects of feeding, fasting and contaminant exposure
  • Hazel Smith (SNH intern) Modelling Cetacean Populations to Assess Cumulative Impacts from Offshore Wind Farms
  • Andrew Brownlow (SAC) Sum use of dying; What can pathological investigations into marine strandings tell us about cumulative impacts?
  • Ellen Last (JNCC) Assessing the sensitivity of deep-sea communities to multiple marine pressures
  • Craig Stenton (ENU) Developing in a Multi-Stressor World: Challenges Facing Both Early-Life-Stage Invertebrates and Early-Career Researchers s

 This session will end with a general discussion session about gaps of knowledge and future research directions.


16.00-16.45     Coffee break, networking and E-poster session 2 (Download abstracts for e-poster session 2)

  • Louisa Jones (JNCC): Producing Conservation Advice for offshore Marine Protected Areas
  • Sarah Cryer (St Andrews): The combined effects of ocean acidification and copper on the physiological responses of the tropical coral Stylophora sp
  • Katie Cubbon (Heriot Watt): Does the use of the Therapeutic Chemical Emamectin Benzoate in the Cultivation of Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar in the Orkney Islands Impact Commercially Important Crab Species?
  • Ewan Edwards 1 (Marine Scotland): Underwater noise monitoring in Scottish waters
  • Luisa Barros (Marine Scotland): Phototactic response in fish to the use of coloured LED lights
  • Emma Beaton (Aberdeen): The First Quantitative Description of the Sublittoral Fauna in the Falkland Islands: The influence of depth and season at Kidney Island, East Falkland
  • Craig Stenton (ENU): The effects of pile-driving noise and cadmium co-exposure on the early-life-stage development of the Norway Lobster, Nephrops norvegicus
  • Glenn Jessen (Heriot Watt): Climate change and ecotoxicology: re-assessing biomarker baselines in light of a changing environment
  • Magda Chudzinska (St Andrews): Movement of Harbour seals: an individual-based modelling framework as a reliable management tool to study multiple stressors
  • Ewan Edwards 2 (Marine Scotland): Using habitat preference modelling to predict the distribution of harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena around eastern Scotland
  • Hannah Holah (Marine Scotland): Shell integrity and diversity of bivalve larvae at the Scottish Coastal Observatory site at Stonehaven - WITHDRAWN
  • Chris McCabe (JNCC): Monitoring Guidance for Marine Benthic Habitats and R-Markdown Integration
  • Natalia Serpetti (SAMS): Exploring impacts of noise from shipping and acoustic deterrent devices on cetaceans on the West coast of Scotland using an ecosystem modelling approach
  • Kieran Tulbure (Heriot Watt) The need for a greater understanding of life-style characteristics of Limaria hians and the mechanisms behind flame shell bed formation
  • Pablo Chevellard  (Marine Scotland) Kinematic and acoustic analysis of herring-eating killer whale feeding behaviour during different prey life-stages
  • Douglas Speirs (Strathclyde) Modelling the spatial dynamics of the marine copepod Calanus finmarchicus under climate change
  • Ross Gardiner (Marine Scotland): A needle in the haystack?  Seeking salmon smolt migration routes off the Scottish east coast using surface trawling and genetic assignment.


16.45-18.15     MASTS General Science Session 4 in the Main Auditorium


16.45-18.15     MASTS General Science Session 4 in the Main Auditorium (Chair: Prof David Paterson) Download abstracts for Science Session 4.

  • Stefano Marra (JNCC) Marine habitats assessment methods: application of OSPAR indicators of condition and function of benthic communities. Preliminary results from UK waters
  • Ricardo Gonzalez-Gil (Strathclyde) Interannual variations in the spring phytoplankton bloom in the Scottish North Sea
  • Lewis Drysdale (Marine Scotland) Quality assuring physical, chemical, and biological measurements from seawater samples collected on Marine Scotland cruises 1960-2018
  • Matteo Marasco (UHI) Estimate of residual transport in the Fair Isle Gap
  • Dafne Eerkes-Medrano (Marine Scotland) Using time series to understand trophic interactions and food web dynamics in local pelagic ecosystems
  • Sonja Rueckert (ENU) Gregarine apicomplexan parasites of ‘deep-sea’ invertebrates


16.45-18.15     Science Policy Workshop in Auditorium A (Chairs: Dr Jacqui Tweddle & Dr Katherine Yates)

This workshop is part of a project focusing on understanding the reasons why researchers do or do not engage with government organisations on marine and coastal management issues. APOLOGIES - THIS WORKSHOP HAS HAD TO BE CANCELLED DUE TO ORGANISER ILLNESS. THEY HOPE TO RESCHEDULE IN THE FUTURE.


19.00-late         ASM Conference Dinner and Ceilidh at the Millennium Hotel (ticketed event - we hope you can join us)


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