International Links

In order to internationalise the research and graduate training of MASTS a small ‘International Collaboration and Networking’ (ICN) Steering Group was established to alert and enhance the awareness amongst the MASTS community of issues of potential interest, such as:

  • overseas funding sources for students on PhD, MSc and Continuous Professional Development programmes which MASTS partners and the Graduate School could offer;
  • overseas fieldwork and exchange opportunities for MASTS PhD students;
  • promotion of the development of international research consortia which groups of MASTS partners could lead or join in on;
  • initiation of discussions with a view to forming formal links with similar national marine science and technology partnerships in other countries (such as some already being investigated in Germany, Spain and Portugal, Italy, Malaysia and Colombia);
  • encourage similar national networks to be set up elsewhere on the model of MASTS (e.g. Ecuador);
  • the creation of productive links with multinational regional networks such as, for example, AMLC (the Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean).

The Steering Group’s recommendations help to inform the Directorate and Executive Committee in determining the activities beneficial to the aims of MASTS.  Similarly, there is a two-way flow of information between the ICN Steering Group and the Themes, Fora and Community Programmes of MASTS. 

Suggestions for new international links for MASTS to consider are welcome and should be directed to the leader of the MASTS ICN Steering Group, Professor James Mair (