Marine Planning & Governance Forum

The MASTS Marine Planning & Governance Forum was established in January 2013, to support dialogue across the marine planning community and to address the complex and wide-ranging research needed to support marine planning activities in Scotland.

In Scotland, the National Marine Plan was published in March 2015, and work is now underway to develop Regional Marine Plans across the 11 Scottish Marine Regions in territorial waters. The MASTS Marine Planning & Governance Forum leads dialogue between the Government, marine planners, local authorities, stakeholders and the scientific community, to identify and address the knowledge gaps in implementing effective marine planning.

Key activities include identification of strategic research needs for marine planning, development of research opportunities from Masters projects to long-term international funding calls, a web-based platform to understand and connect research capacity across MASTS, etc. With close involvement of Marine Scotland and current / future marine planners, the Forum aims to bring together the academic community to strategically develop applied and interdisciplinary research essential to enable evidence based governance for sustainable management of our seas.

Download the report from the Clyde Schools Engagement Project

Download the report from a MASTS Marine Planning and Governance Forum Workshop to provide a sense-check of the draft Clyde & Shetland Regional Assessments, March 2017.

Download the final report from the MASTS Marine Planning and Governance Forum Workshop at the Annual Science Meeting in Glasgow, 21st October 2016 (“Where are we? Exploring the National Marine Plan Review Process in Scotland”)  

Forum Convener: Lucy Greenhill (SAMS)

Deputy Convenor: Chris Leakey (SNH),

Steering Group: Timothy Stojanovic (St Andrews University); Meriwether Wilson (Edinburgh University), Rachel Schucksmith (UHI), Fiona Mills (Clyde Forum) & Jacqueline Tweddle (Aberdeen University)

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