Coastal Zone Forum

The Coastal Zone Forum provides a network for successful multidisciplinary marine and social science to address the management of the coastal zone and the ecosystem services it provides.

The coastal zone in Scotland is at a critical juncture with the advancement of coastal and marine planning, development of marine renewables, increasing impacts of climate change, the problems of coastal erosion and coastal defense, and implementation of marine protected areas. These drivers are creating challenges, opportunities and impacts for coastal communities and MASTS.

This forum is strongly link with the MASTS Biodiversity, Function and Services Theme, and uses Scotland's world leading expertise in the valuation of coastal systems. This forum aims to strengthen the link between biodiversity research, ecosystem analysis, policy development and regulation by producing work of high scientific quality which contributes to the policy debate and the needs of stakeholders. Recent examples include sustained regeneration of habitats; work on bathing waters in Europe; through investigation of eco-labeling for salmon farms; and through impact analysis of potential Marine Conservation Zones. This forum will put in place strategies which develop the human capital and skill sets of the MASTS community in responding to these challenges.

The MASTS Coastal Zone forum has already been the impetus behind new interdisciplinary partnerships including joint PhD studentships and regular workshops. This forum will also build on existing links with national and international research organisations.

Forum Convenor: Dr Clare Maynard

Deputy Forum Convenor: Dr Tavis Potts (University of Aberdeen)

Steering Group: Dr Richard Bates (University of St Andrews); Prof Mark Huxham (Edinburgh Napier University), Prof Kenny Black (SAMS); Katherine Simpson (Stirling University); Prof Nick Hanley (University of St Andrews)

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