Small Grant Scheme Reports

Click on the links below to download reports from successful and completed MASTS Small Grants Scheme awards.

November 2011 Funding Round
June 2012 Funding Round
October 2012 Funding Round
Deep Sea Forum Small Grant Round - April 2013
June 2013 Funding Round
November 2013 Funding Round
Marine Biodiversity Function and Services Theme Grant Round - March 2014
Deep Sea Forum Grant Round - March 2014
  • DSSG14: Anthropgenic contaminants (PCBs and PBDEs) at full ocean depth (Alan Jamieson, Aberdeen)
  • DSSG15: Genome size variation in deep-sea amphipods (Stuart Piertney, Aberdeen)
  • DSSG16: Phylogenetics of heat-shock proteins in deep-sea amphipods (Heather Ritchie, Aberdeen)
Marine Energy Forum Grant Round - March 2014
  • MESG1: Biogenic structures and their interaction with marine renewables and climate (Rebecca Grieve, Heriot Watt)
  • MESG2: Publication fee for "Marine non-native species in northern Scotland: implications for the marine renewable industry" paper (Chris Nall, UHI)
May 2014 Funding Round
Dynamics and Properties of Marine Systems Grant Round - July 2014
Marine Energy Forum Grant Round - September 2014
Deep Sea Forum Grant Round - September 2014
  • DSSG18: Improved mixing estimates of water masses in the FSC through enhanced spatial sampling of delta18O and nutrients (William Austine, St Andrews and Bee Berx, Marine Scotland Science)
  • DSSG22: Trench connection internship (Alan Jamieson, Aberdeen)
  • DSSG25: Parasites of the deep (Sonja Rueckert, Edinbugh Napier)
  • DSSG26: Phylogenetic analysis of Valvifera from the Southwest Indian Ocean Ridge (Natalia Serpetti, SAMS)
  • DSSG28: A new approach for measuring the sediment tracer thorium-234 in deep sea samples (Robert Turnewitsch, SAMS)
Coastal Zone Forum Student Grants - September 2014
Marine Biodiversity, Function & Services Theme Small Grant Round - September 2014
October 2014 Small Grant Funding Round
Technology, Platforms & Sensors Forum Funding Round - October 2014
Sustainable Aquaculture Forum Funding Round - March 2015
 Fisheries Science Forum Student Funding Round - May 2015
Marine Biogeochemistry Forum Small Grant Round - May 2015
  • MBFSG3: Photochemical and microbial degradation of particulate terrigenous organic matter in intertidal sediments (Evina Gontikaki, Aberdeen)
  • MBFSG4: Investigation into the carbon biogeochemistry of Caribbean mesophotic coral reefs (Tamara Green, St Andrews)
  • MBFSG5: Investigating the effects of flow on the biogeochemistry of an Orkney maerl reef (Jen Loxton, UHI)
  • MBFSG8: Saltmarsh restoration and blue carbon subsidisation (Ben Taylor, St Andrews)
Small Grants Funding Round - June 2015
Marine Planning & Governance Forum Small Grant Round - August 2015
Marine Energy Outreach Grant Round - August 2015
Fisheries Science Forum Grants to attend an ICES Working Group or Conference - August 2015
Coastal Process & Dynamics Form Grant Round - October 2015
MASTS Small Grants Round - October 2015

Technology, Platforms & Sensors Forum Funding Round - October 2014

  • TPSSG12: Phytoplankton community ID from small autonomous and robotic systems (Lars Boehme, St Andrews)
  • TPSSG13: Marine data acquisition for Palaeolandscape reconstruction at the World Heritage Sites, Orkney (Richard bates - St Andrews & John Howe - SAMS)
  • TPSSG14: Sediment sensor (George Maniatis, Glasgow)
  • TPSSG15: Glucose monitor (Ailsa Hall, St Andrews)
  • TPSSG18: Building and evaluating recorders for seabird vocalisations at nesting sites with differing degrees of human disturbance (Karen Diele, Edinburgh Napier)
MASTS Marine Biogeochemistry Forum Small Grants Round - May 2016
  • MBFSG10: Variability of water isotope concentration in the FSC (William Austin, St Andrews)
  • MBF2617: Crumbling reefs: real world impacts of ocean acidification on skeletal structure and framework of cold-water coral reefs.
MASTS Small Grants Round June 2016
MASTS Numerical Hydrodynamic Modelling Forum Small Grant Round November 2016
  • NHMSG1: Dispersal of aquaculture pathogens - finding parallels between hemispheres (Tom Adams, SAMS)
  • NHMSG2: Modelling feedbacks between morphology and hydrodynamics (Thorsten Balke, Glasgow University)
  • NHMSG3: Scottish Shelf Model FVCOM workshop (Louise Campbell, Marine Scotland Science)
  • NHMSG5: Numerical modelling of hydrodynamic transport of larval sea lice in North European coastal waters (Alexander Murray, Marine Scotland Science)

MASTS Small Grants Round November 2016
  • SG367: Understanding light enhanced calcification in corals (Nicola Allison, St Andrews University)
  • SG369: Open Source Marine Data Storage Tags: Getting from A to B (Michael Bell, Heriot Watt)
  • SG371: Microplastics in seals (Angela Capper, Heriot Watt)
  • SG384: Nutritional evaluation of seafood available to consumers in the UK (Matthew Sprague, Stirling University)
  • SG387: Workshop on "Parasites of commercially important marine fish species and their potential as population biological tags (Campbell Pert, Marine Scotland Science)
  • SG392: Investigating saltmarsh sedimentary carbon sources and particle size composition: Tracing the source to sink journey (Ben Taylor, St Andrews)