Wanted - MASTS Forum Convenor for Marine Planning & Governance Forum

The Forums of the Marine Alliance for Science & Technology for Scotland are instrumental at being the major scientific driving force of the community and the MASTS Executive and Directorate are now looking for a suitably motivated and qualified individual to help drive forward the aims and objectives of the Marine Planning & Governance Forum.

For a description of the MPG Forum please visit http://www.masts.ac.uk/research/research-forums/marine-planning-governance-forum/

The Forum requires a Convener and Steering Group to:

  1. Facilitate networking and information exchange within the Forum by convening meetings and workshops.
  2. Proactively develop a strategic research agenda to provide direction and a measure of priority to research in this area.
  3. Secure appropriate scientific representation on strategically important bodies to ensure feedback to the MASTS community.
  4. Develop a co-ordinated approach to interactions with funding bodies, Government and other stakeholders.
  5. Develop a structured, co-ordinated and timely approach to the provision of impartial advice to key stakeholders.
  6. Report back to the MASTS Executive providing a brief account of progress against each of the agreed objectives of the Forum.

The call for nominations from members of the MASTS community for suitably motivated individuals to lead the MPG Forum is now open.

Nominees are asked to:

  1. provide their vision for the position (150 words);
  2. describe how they will contribute to furthering the objectives of MASTS (150 words);
  3. detail any relevant experience (300 words).
  4. Provide a jpg photo (max 96x96 pixels)

We are pleased to invite members of the MASTS community with interests in the MPG Forum Convenor position to submit their nomination to masts@st-andrews.ac.uk before 15:00 on Monday 5th March 2018.

Accepted nominations will be posted on the website and all members of the MASTS community from MASTS institutions will be given the opportunity to record their votes for their preferred candidates.

A fundamental requirement of all candidates will be the capacity to demonstrate that they are prepared to work impartially on behalf of the MASTS community. If you would like to discuss the role before submitting a nomination, or require further details about the support you will receive in this role, please get in touch via this email. Each elected MASTS Forum Convenor has up to three years tenure, and the period of tenure may be extended for a further year before an election is called.

We are extremely grateful for the significant contributions and hard work to date from Lucy Greenhill at SAMS, and if anyone would like to have an informal chat with Lucy about the history of the Forum and its achievements to date, I am sure she would be happy to speak with you. Dr Mark James is also happy to speak with anyone about the role of a Forum Convenor.