There is growing interest across the higher education sector in building closer links between academia and external stakeholders: potential employers, regulatory bodies, research funders, policy makers, lobbyists, and many others. MASTS see the facilitation of internship opportunities as a core interface for bringing future cohorts of ‘influencers’ into direct contact with individuals and institutional cultures. Completing an internship should maximise impact from research and enhance personal and professional development.

Internships offer appointees an excellent opportunity to build working relationships and extend their research experience into business, policy or other settings (or vice versa) - this programme is not just for students - academics and employees are welcome to participate. The skills and experience you acquire will add real value.

Internships can last between two weeks up to six months. Appointees may work either full time or part time and are generally expected to spend between 50-100% of their time in the host organisation.

If you are interested in providing an internship please contact Dr Emma Defew and Dr Iain Matthews on

If you are a postgraduate student or staff member of a MASTS institution or associate institution, and would like to undertake an internship, please download an internship application form and return to Please send in any application with at least 3 months before the start of any internship.


Internship available at the Alan Turing Institute

Application deadline: 12:00 GMT Monday 19 February 2018

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Previous Fisheries Science Forum Internship Project topics

  • "Target strength of fish and squid". Download the final poster from Aaron Williamson and Jackson Swan
  • "Interactions between Grey Gurnard and Haddock on Rockall Bank". Download the Final Report from Charlie Cameron & Ellen Harrison.
  • "Production of final version smartphone application and data queries for citizen science research in Brazil to improve mangrove crab fisheries management"  Completed by Michael Gauld at ENU.  
  • "Scotland’s Fish Stocks Compendium: compiling the story of Scotland’s key fish stocks into a key policy tool". Completed by Laurie Smeaton at Marine Scotland, Edinburgh. Download final article and e-poster. 

Previous Marine Renewable Energy Forum Internship Project topics

  • "Marine mammals in Scottish Waters". Based at the Scottish Government Marine Lab in Aberdeen and completed by Natalie Ward. Download final report
  • "Ex-post analysis of prior spending and employment claims for offshore wind development in Scotland". Based in Dundee with Ariel Bergmann and completed by Prabina Khanal. Download final summary report.