MASTS Governance

The MASTS Directorate

The MASTS Directorate is responsible for the day to day operation of MASTS and is led by a small team based at the University of St Andrews consisting of an Executive Director (Prof David Paterson); Operations Director (Dr Mark James); Programme Co-ordinator (Dr Emma Defew); Project Manager (Dr John Thompson) and Finance Co-ordinator (Tanya Harkins). The Dean of Graduate School (Dr Lois Calder) is based at the Scottish Association for Marine Science.

Where appropriate, cross-cutting administrative capacity from MASTS member institutions is brought together. This has led to the formation of a Communications Group and a Finance Group.

Download the MASTS interim Review digest here.

The MASTS Committee Structure

Governing Council

MASTS is overseen by the Governing Council (GC). The GC meets two-three times per year and is chaired by Prof Malcolm MacLeod of the University of Stirling and has the following representatives:

Executive Committee

The MASTS Executive Committee (EC) meets four times per year and is populated by a representative of each of the institutional partners plus the Dean of the Graduate School (Dr Lois Calder), the Theme Leaders (in an ex-officio capacity), and is chaired by the Executive Director (Prof David Paterson). The Chair of the Advisory Committee is also invited to attend EC meetings in order to facilitate fluid communication. The EC has the following representatives:

International Advisory Committee

The MASTS International Advisory Committee (IAC) takes an active role in guiding the development of MASTS and meets twice a year. The IAC is chaired by Prof Peter Liss and has the following representatives:

  • Prof Mark Inall (SAGES Director)
  • Prof Bill Ritchie (Independent advisor and Vice-Chair of IAC)
  • Mr Ashley Roberts (SEPA)
  • Prof Ed Hill (NOC)
  • Dr Jacqui McElhinney (Food Standards Scotland)
  • Dr John Baxter (SNH)
  • Marappan Saravanan (DECC)
  • Graham Black (Director Marine Scotland)
  • Prof Louise Heathwaite (Chief Scientific Adviser Rural Affairs and Environment, Scottish Government)
  • Dr Jessica Surma (NERC)
  • Moya Crawford (Industry advisor)
  • David Loosley (Independent advisor)
  • Prof Mike Thorndyke (University of Gothenburg)
  • Prof Olof Lindén (World Maritime University)