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  • Welcome to MASTS

    The Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS) is a consortium of organisations engaged in marine science and represents the majority of Scotland's marine research capacity.

  • Objective of MASTS

    The overall objective of MASTS is to facilitate better communication, collaboration and co-ordination within the marine research community whilst ensuring that Scottish marine science receives international recognition. The work of MASTS falls into a number of key activities: 1) Research; 2) Communication; 3) Graduate School; 4) Resources and 5) Representation.

  • Knowledge and Resources

    MASTS also provides an academic platform and knowledge base for marine governance and commerce by contributing to the Scottish Marine Science Strategy. This Strategy will help to deliver 'Clean, healthy, safe, productive, biologically diverse marine and coastal environments, managed to meet the long-term needs of people and nature'.

  • MASTS Latest Research Highlight

    The NAFC Marine Centre in Shetland has been collecting and processing marine AIS (vessel movements) data since 2012 and using the information to inform the Shetland Islands' Marine Spatial Plan, local industries, and research. A recent paper in Marine Policy details the steps which were taken in order to maximize the information which you can get out of the data. The article can be downloaded for free until 26th February 2015 from this webpage,714MIe8N

  • MASTS Graduate School PhD studentships now available

    Juen 2014 - The MASTS Graduate School is delighted to announce that ten studentship positions have been funded. MASTS are looking to attract the best students to these positions in subjects ranging from saltmarshes, fish, marine litter, marine mammals, climate change, hydrodynamics, economics and modelling. More details.

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Graduate School

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Resource Map

MASTS members have significant intellectual resources as well as physical assets ranging from large ocean going research vessels to inshore craft, remotely operated vehicles and diving facilities together with a host of specialist equipment, services and expertise. The MASTS resource database and map are searchable and accessible to MASTS Members only.

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